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Venture OG Polished Truck Set (2)

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Venture OG Polished High Trucks have the turn that is perfect for street skating. Just ask pros like Paul Rodriguez and Tory Pudwill. They are lightweight, durable, with plenty of kingpin clearance for no hang-up grinds! These trucks feature no markings, and no badging, for a clean polished look!  Polished set MAY HAVE a red Venture logo on hangar of truck or may be plain polished.

Venture Size Chart: 5.0 = 7.8" 5.2 = 8.0" 5.6 = 8.2" 5.8 = 8.5" 6.1 = 8.7"

Bushing color may vary.

Regular High height unless otherwise specified as "Low".

All trucks are sold in sets of (2).